Information about the itch (SKINITCH)

Itching or scratching (Latin: PRURITUS) is an activity in the sensory nerve cells that produces an uncomfortable sensation that stimulates the urge to scratch or rub the skin. Itching is a sensory bodily experience that science struggles to categorize. There are many similarities between itch and pain, but they differ in behavioral response patterns.

While the pain creates a withdrawal reflex, the itch creates a repetitive response to expose the irritated area and avoid the itch. The material responsible for the skin’s characteristic sensation during itching is histamine, which is normally secreted into the blood as an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

Itching can occur due to an external factor such as a parasite found on the skin. Similarly, itching can occur as a result of internal irritation causing itching, parasitic and other skin diseases such as lice or allergic symptoms.
In addition, dryness and poor hygiene can also cause itching.