Physicians and clients tell

Dr. Yosef Shiri

Director of the Tel Nordau Dermatology Center

The PsiRealx Psoriasis Treatment product is a topical product based on natural seed extract. The product was tested in a 6-week clinical study and carried out after all necessary approvals and under the supervision of the Helsinki Committee at the Tel Nordau Center for Dermatology.
The supplement was found to be highly effective, resulting in a significant reduction in psoriasis severity in most subjects, including the PASI Psoriasis Severity Index. The preparation is pleasant to use and no side effects have been observed during use. I find this preparation a welcome addition to treating this common problem for which we don’t have a good medical solution.

Daniel Uziel

Pharmaceutical Procurement Department, Maccabi Health Services

The Psirilax product is an excellent product for psoriasis


User suffering from psoriasis

After trying everything and getting discouraged, a friend recommended Psirilax cream. I’ve been using it for half a year and I’m actually very satisfied! It is known that the field is very individual and everyone works on different things. I feel like I’ve found what suits me by the end of the week.


Client, her son suffers from neurodermatitis

My son and I started the Atopic journey together a few years ago. Where we haven’t been since and who we haven’t spoken to. The atopic cream helped stop the itching very quickly. Although there are periods when the skin lesions appear but disappear again for a long time, the improvement is significant and calms down once applied on it. There is no doubt that some calm has been brought back to life for us. Recommend!


Used, suffers from cracked skin on feet

After long periods of dry skin on my feet and itching to the point of bleeding, I started using Kreskin cream and my skin began to regenerate quickly. Even the itching bothers me a lot less.