CE-BO Cream is a unique natural cream composed of a blend of natural oils and seeds with medicinal properties.

The cream has been tested and has a good ability to treat the symptoms of skin redness, dandruff, dryness and skin irritation. The cream improves the skin’s ability to recover from skin and dandruff, nourishes and nourishes the skin, giving the skin a natural and even look.
The cream allows a normal routine and can be considered effective on the skin in general and in the area of ​​the lesions in particular. The CE-BO cream has many advantages:
& bull; The cream is easily and quickly absorbed and contains no substance or perfume. & bull; A significant advantage since the beginning of use. & bull; The cream improves the appearance of the skin and maintains the moisture and elasticity of the skin. & bull; The cream can be used on all areas of the body, including the face and scalp. & bull; It contains no cortisone or steroids. & bull; There is no prevention of sun exposure.
How to use:
Apply areas between 2 and 3 times daily in areas that need to be treated as needed.

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