Who we are

Our vision is to give every person an equal opportunity for physical health and thus also for mental health.

Our mission is to help the needy in solving skin problems and thus improve the quality of life.

PsiRelax specializes in research and development of natural products and provides solutions to various skin problems.

The products are based on a unique combination of a mixture of seeds and natural oils that have therapeutic properties and do not contain steroids, parabens and perfumes.

Psirilx® is a leading brand for the relief and improvement of psoriasis developed with high technology that combines innovation and efficiency which is pleasant and easy to use.

Psirilx® has been clinically tested and proven according to the rules of the Helsinki Committee – Approval No. K 09/51 by senior dermatologists at Clalit Health Insurance Fund and sponsored by Meir Hospital.

The brand has been published in international medical journals, the American Research Foundation and the World Health Organization.