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Leah Yotam

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Leah Yotam
Psirilax is an herbal formula – a unique combination of medicinal herbs and natural oils with therapeutic properties developed by Dr. Mina Fran was developed. Another great advantage is that the improvement occurs within a week, the improvement in the symptoms of the disease and dandruff, and in general the cream contributes to the subsequent regeneration of the skin, and there are no side effects. The disease is about 80%.

Professor Michael David

At the club's annual conference

Israeli psoriasis

Another product presented at the last annual conference of the Israeli Dermatological Association, held at the Dead Sea last June. This is a study by Dr. Cohen and Dr. Shiri, who I assume you know. It is a preparation essentially based on plants and you know that every chronic disease, psoriasis, is basically a chronic disease that some patients experience in certain periods and rightly they tend to use all kinds of alternative therapies, complementary therapies and try alternative therapies.

Anyway, this compound is a compound called Psirilax that was developed by Dr. Mina Paran, who deals a lot with herbs, and I don’t want to read all the ingredients of this preparation here, but you can see it here on a slide, from which all this connection was made. An external preparation was tried in psoriasis patients. It was an open-label study, of course with permission from Helsinki, and treatment was given twice a day for up to a month.

A total of 22 patients took part in the study, of course a small study from which not much can be deduced, but the results showed that the improvement was on average 59% – this is a kind of formula in numbers that assess the severity of the disease Disease and just over a third of patients reached 75%. “A 75% improvement over her baseline condition